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Baby Wario revealed in Yoshi's Island DS  Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Nintendo has dripped out some new information about Yoshi's Island DS. In the past where announced baby versions of Mario, Peach and Donkey Kong would be helping Yoshi as he battled to save baby Luigi, the latter having been babynapped by the evil Kamek and taken away on his floating island.

Now we've learned that baby Wario will also be adding his powers to the fray. When little Wario's riding on Yoshi's back, Yoshi will be able to use the former's giant magnet to attract metal objects, such as the coins you collect to unlock bonuses, as well as solving metal-based puzzles.

Swapping in one of the other babies will provide Yoshi with different attributes: Mario gives speed, Donkey Kong strength and the ability to climb vines, while Peach provides floatability.


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