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Negima DS Details Revealed  Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Negima DS will have a costume play theme

Negima definitely has two aspects - the first one being all about adventure wherein you group three players together who will then try to solve the mystery in Osaka. You must keep in mind that there should be balance among the characters you've put together, else the team would not work. The teams would then go around town and certain battles will ensue when they enter a particular area.

The battle has two stages, with the first one having a turn system where each team member will have a particular range of his own. When an enemy or monster is within her range, battles are bound to start.

The cute part about Negima's battle are the costumes. As you finish your battles, you could win the costumes dropped by monsters.
Now, the costumes don't only play a crucial role in making your character appear cute, but the costumes also give special skills to your character.
Here's an example: if you catch Asuna wearing a costume with the harisen (a giant paper fan), Asuna can do the Harisen Chop move.

Negima is set for an October release date in Japan. Here's hoping it reaches other regions soon.


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